Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Low Interest Rates on Auto Loans: It Can Make Your Life Pleasurable

Every person borrows money on credit. A loan on your name marks your progress. It also shows your appetite towards a luxurious life. Thanks to the lenders, borrowing money for a new car isn't difficult at all.

Although, what bothers people are the interest rates that the lenders charge. The interest rates are inversely proportional to your credit rating. It means the higher your credit score; lower will be the interest rate on the auto loan.

What are the Benefits of obtaining Low Interest Rates on Auto Loans?

Let’s understand how low interest rates on auto loans can leave you tension-free and make your life pleasurable.

·         You can buy Expensive Cars

You can buy expensive and luxurious cars without any worry. The reason is simple.  As you get low interest rates, you need not take tension of a large down payment in order to minimize the loan amount.

So, you need not to worry about saving up too much money for the down payment. Just pay a nominal amount and obtain an auto loan for the remaining amount.

·         You won't end up paying more Money

Let’s take an example to understand the number game easily.

For a loan of $10,000, with an interest rate of 15% for 10 years, you pay a total amount of $19,360.19. It means you pay more than $9000 in the form of interest. If the interest rate reduces to 6%, the total amount will come down to $13,322.46.

It is simple to understand how the total payable amount differs with a simple change in the interest rates. Hence, become a credible and punctual credit borrower. In return, you will be able to enjoy low interest rates on your next loan.

·         Lenders will trust you

Every company values a genuine customer. If you make payments regularly, you will never face any difficulty in getting an auto loan. Lenders will stay in touch with you and provide you with special discounts as well as cash benefits for buying a car.

Your punctuality will earn you respect and trust of lenders. They will understand your situation and provide you with other benefits such as relaxed lending terms, higher LTV ratio, etc.

·         You can apply for Multiple Loans

The best thing about low interest rates is that you can apply for multiple auto loans without any tension. Whenever you feel like buying a new car for your family member, you will have no problem in getting approval from a lender. Also, you will be able to make the purchase at affordable rates.

Nobody likes to borrow less money and pay more in the form of interest amount. So your priority should be to lower the interest rates.  And, here’s how you can achieve your goal:

1) Always keep a check on your credit score – It is a crucial measure for lenders that enables them to judge your credibility.

2) Convey your sincerity - Be confident when you face the lenders.  Also, try to convey your sincerity by explaining your plan of making regular payments.

3) Never miss payments – Making payments on time is the key to become a good credit borrower.

4) Be on the move- Your credit behavior determines your growth. So, apply for multiple loans, make payments regularly and do not let your bank account sit idle.

5) Do you have a low FICO score? – You should start by applying for an auto loan of a smaller amount. Repay it on time, build your credibility and carefully nurture your credit score. Make payments regularly and improve your credit ratings. In return you'll be able to enjoy low interest rates on your next auto loan.

Considering the interest rates is a very important aspect of the car buying process. Remember that low interest rates on auto loans can make your life pleasurable. So, strive hard to convince the lender and ensure that you he provides you with a better deal.

When it comes to obtaining low rates on auto loans, choose the reputed auto financing company of Fast Auto Loan Approval. It has a record of providing easy auto loans to people with low-income. Apply now to enjoy buying a car without down payment.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why choose a Dealer for a Successful Car Buying Journey?

“It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey”

Start a Successful Car Buying Journey

When you walk out of the house to buy the car of your dreams, it is better to plan out your journey. Discover the options from where you can make the purchase. You can either buy a used car from a private seller or a new car from a dealer. You can even choose the dealer for buying a certified pre-owned car to ensure its quality. 

How can a Dealer help you in finding a Car?

Dealer can help you in finding your Dream Car

A dealer can be a pillar of strength in your quest of buying a car. You can enjoy many benefits by choosing a dealer. Let us have a look at some of the benefits provided by him: 

>>When you opt for a licensed dealer, he will do all the legwork of obtaining the title for your car. 

>>He will provide you with a statutory warranty that you cannot obtain from a private seller. In addition, he will also assist you with extended warranties. 

>> He is considered as a one-stop shop for buying a car because he not only sells cars but also helps you with the auto loan and insurance part of the deal.

>>He is a car-expert. And, he can suggest you a model that suits your needs and budget. 

>>He even offers maintenance facilities to keep your car running smoothly long after you have taken the delivery. 

Precautionary Measures
“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.”

The famous saying by Benjamin Franklin is true when you are buying a car from a dealer. Dealers employ experienced salespeople who have a bag of tricks designed to increase the profit. If you are not aware of the tricks, you will end up paying more for the purchase. Here are a few things that you should consider before visiting a dealer’s lot: 

1. Do not be a Clueless Car Shopper

A dealer loves having a clueless car shopper. When you are not aware of what the price of the car should be, you will be unable to negotiate it with the dealer. So, it is advisable to find the average price of the car that you want to buy and then visit the dealer. 

2. Be Wise, Cost-Wise

Take a careful look at the cost. A dealer boosts his profits by selling all sorts of accessories and add-ons. Such things increase the total cost of the car. So make a wise decision of avoiding them. And, if you are interested in buying add-ons, you can get the same things for a lesser price outside the dealer’s lot. 

3. Confirm the Car

Sometimes, he advertises a car with a great price, but when you show up at the lot, he informs you that it is out of stock. Then, he tries to sell you an expensive vehicle. In such a case, call the dealer prior to visiting and confirm the availability of the car that you wish to buy. 

4. Avoid the Errors

Errors in the paperwork are very common and the irony is that they are always beneficial to the dealer. So make sure that you review the paperwork thoroughly before you sign the dotted line. 

If you want to make your car buying journey successful, you have to be cautious while buying a car. It is necessary to research and obtain facts before making a decision. But, it doesn’t mean you have to be suspicious of everything that the dealer says. Remember that when he sells a car, he is putting his reputation on the line. So, the last thing he wants is an unhappy customer. 

Have you selected a car at the dealer’s lot? Now, you can get an auto loan without down payment and make car buying process affordable. Fast Auto Loan Approval provides auto financing for low income car buyers and ensures that a car becomes a reality for everyone.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Have you chosen the Best Financing Options for Buying a Car?

Buying a new car is not an easy decision. It is an expensive thing to buy after a house. You can buy a car with cash or consider several financing options available in the market. When you are looking for a car, one of the smartest moves you can make is to compare financing options just as you compare car models.

What Financing Options are available in the Market?

‘You may be running out of options, but running away from making a decision isn’t an option.’
If your credit score is bad or your loan application is weak, do not think that you cannot buy a car. There are many financing options available with you. You can compare the following options and choose the best option for you:

1. Car Loan

Car Loans from Banks
A car loan offers flexible terms and it is easy to obtain. A bank or a financing company pays the full price of the car. And, then you have to pay off the lender or the financing company in the form of monthly payments. Usually, the loan is approved on the basis of your credit score and income.

2. Personal Loan

If you do not want to use car as collateral, personal loan can be the right choice for you. It is an economical way of financing a car. While obtaining a personal loan, the only condition is that you should have a good credit score. You can get the loan from a local bank or a credit union.

3. Leasing

Leasing a Car
If you opt for leasing, you do not own the car until you have made the final payment. Leasing enables you to use the car, while the financier retains actual ownership of the vehicle. People opt for it as it offers fixed monthly lease rentals and affordable interest rates.

4. Dealership Financing

Dealership Financing
The only thing to remember while obtaining dealership financing is that to do research. Check your credit score and ask for quotes from several dealers before making a decision.
Dealers love lazy car buyers who do not do their homework. Keep in mind that there is no point in bargaining a good price for the new car if you are going to opt for a poor financing deal.

5. Online Auto Financing Companies

Online Auto Financing Companies
It has become easy to get approval on a loan with the help of internet. Online auto financing companies offer a second chance to bad credit borrowers and help them buy a car. When you apply for loans with an online auto financing company, you get the advantage of quicker approval with fewer documents.

Loan Shopping is as important as Car Shopping

Loan shopping is a wise decision. Sometimes, it is the only way you can find a lender who will work with you. Keep in mind the following quick reminders because they will help you to have a better loan shopping experience:
  • You should have knowledge of the different financing options that are available in the market before you choose one. It is wise to contact several lenders to find the best loan at the best price.

  • Different lenders offer diverse terms. If you want to get better terms, then do your research.

  • For a better loan shopping experience, it is important to improve your credit score.

  • Pay attention to the amount of monthly payments and be sure if you can afford the same.

  • Don’t forget to look at the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) as it takes into account the interest rate and other loan charges.

  • Before you approach a dealer, decide the financing option that you would like to opt for buying a car.
Few people can afford to buy a car with cash. Luckily, a lot of financing options are available in the market. Do not say yes to the first financing option that you come across. Instead, compare different options and find the best one that suits your needs.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Applying for Post-Bankruptcy Auto Loans: Infuriating, But Not Impossible

If you are looking to buy a car for a strictly functional purpose and not as an investment, a used car is the right choice. Why?
Applying for Post-Bankruptcy Auto Loans: Infuriating, But Not Impossible
Filing for bankruptcy is the clearest declaration of financial trouble. It fills your schedule with a tedious court process and your credit rating takes a hit. It is an ugly mark which does not go away easily. Also, it means you will have trouble getting an auto loan.

Types of Bankruptcy

You can file for either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy entails that you have little or no money, and your capacity to pay back debts has been seriously hurt. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy encourages reorganization. The court comes up with a plan for you to comfortably pay back your debt based on your current income.

Stigma of Bankruptcy

A chapter 13 bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 7 years. But, if you have filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, it will remain on your credit report for a decade. Lenders understand that bankruptcy will leave a stain on your credit score for a very long amount of time.
They understand that even though bankruptcy means rough conditions, it does not completely erase your ability to pay back an auto loan. In fact, if you successfully battle and come out of bankruptcy, it is seen as an example of your resolve and strength.

Practical Tips

1. Have Realistic Goals

Do not expect to qualify for huge auto loans right after completing bankruptcy. The most practical way is to select a car that is not unreasonably expensive. Get a co-signer, a parent or a spouse/partner preferably, and be confident while pitching the idea to them. Present the lenders with proof of the co-signer’s financial stability and good credit score.

2. Gainful Employment

Lenders find it extremely reassuring if you have a steady job at the time of loan application. Even if you have filed for bankruptcy, knowing that you make a firm amount of money regularly and that you are gainfully employed makes it more likely for them to trust you with the auto loan amount.

3. Spending Decisions

Take an honest look at the reasons you had to file bankruptcy in the first place. If you have an uncontrolled spending problem, try to consciously spend less money and use it only on necessities. Make a budget and stick to it for your own well-being.

4. Pay Attention to the Details

If your application shows a clear sense of financial responsibility on your part, lenders will have fewer issues with the auto loan and the interest rate. Lenders charge a high rate of interest on a post bankruptcy auto loan because it has a higher risk associated with it.
All this goes to say one thing: be careful while applying for a post-bankruptcy auto loan. Be honest with the lender, plan out in advance, put forth a strong case, and consider all the conditions before agreeing to take the loan. It is infuriating but it is not impossible.
With FastAutoLoanApproval.com, getting a post-bankruptcy auto loan becomes easy and affordable. Do not worry about your credit history. The company will find you low rate fast auto loans and ensure that you buy the car of your choice quickly. Apply now.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Certified Dealer: Why is it the Go-To Option for buying a Used Car?

If you are looking to buy a car for a strictly functional purpose and not as an investment, a used car is the right choice. Why?
Certified Dealer: Why is it the Go-To Option for buying a Used Car?
One of the reasons why more people are buying used cars is the freedom from the worry of that first parking-lot dent or the fading sheen of its doors. You simply have to drive the car you bought and not worry about its depreciation like you would have to if it was a new car. You can buy used cars from two sources primarily:
1. Certified dealers
2. Private party

Private Deal isn’t always a Good One

A private party could be anyone from a family member to a colleague to a person you ran into on the street. It means anyone who wants to sell their car. You may think of choosing to go this way to save a few bucks because buying a used car from a private party is cheaper than buying it from a certified dealer.
But, buying from a private party does not guarantee a trouble-free experience. It involves too much risk because of the following reasons:
>> You may end up with a stolen car.
>> The warranty, if you’re given any, may not really be as assuring as offered by a certified dealer.
>> The odometer may not really show the exact number of miles the car has traveled.

Trust and Safety

The least you deserve when you pay with your money is good product and peace of mind regarding the purchase.
A certified dealer, apart from being a trustworthy option to buy your car, will often give you great deals on roadside assistance and maintenance. He will also provide you with an extension in the warranty. Safety is a priority with dealers. If the car you buy from them is in need of a new part, they will help you to replace it with only genuine parts.

Smart Buy

It does not mean that you need not be cautious while walking into a certified dealer’s lot. A dealer is running a business, so to cater to as many customers as possible; he may try to rush your decision. And, he may pressure you into buying a car that you do not really want to buy. You need to remember that the buying power rests with you. And, you should only buy a car that you like.
In going to a certified dealer, the biggest risk is getting a car you did not really want. You can avoid the risk by being aware of your options and having an estimate ready in your mind. If you know exactly how much money you want to spend on a car, the purchase becomes easy.


You can always refer to NADA Guides and Kelley Blue Book in order to get the right price for a used car in your area along with other information for any model that you want to buy. Researching on your own before you walk into a dealership is never a bad idea.
If you go into the dealership already aware of the expected warranty and cost of the used car model you want to buy, you cannot make a wrong decision. Choose a certified dealer, work out the specifics, and you will have a car which will last a long time in your care.

A used car is a great choice for car buyers who are looking for an affordable auto purchase. You can opt for used car dealership financing and buy a reliable used car without down payment. Apply with FastAutoLoanApproval.com to enjoy incredible loan options such as bad credit no money down auto loans.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Refuel your Toyota Car with Intelligence and go for a Drive

Let us sit back and time travel years back. What do you see – a horse cart or an Audi on the road? Stupid question, isn’t it? Of course you see a horse cart that people used for transportation, but now the times have changed. It is a world made of cars. Not just the ordinary cars, but cars that offer you more facilities in less money.

‘Life is too short to drive Boring Cars’

In today’s world cars are not just a medium of transport but it has become a lifestyle choice. Some cars have stupefying design while some are loaded with advanced features.
If you do not have a car in a small city or even suburbs of a bigger city, you are really crippled. You cannot go anywhere; you are stuck to your house. Some say, “I live close to work, I won’t need one”.  Guess what? You will not have a life. You cannot go to movies, you cannot do shopping, and you will not be able to meet friends. All in all, you will not have a social life or precisely NO FUN Life without a car.

And guess what’s new?

Toyota’s Enhanced Relationship with Microsoft

Toyota enters into partnership with Microsoft to build cars of the future.

This relationship aims at delivering "connected car" services to drivers in ways they probably never could have imagined. Microsoft has experience of working with Toyota in 2011. Also, the tech-giant will hold a stake in the partnership known as Toyota Connected.
“Artificial intelligence” features could be added to cars that allow them to know where the car is going and offer services drivers might want along the way. Going to the baseball game this weekend? The car might detect the route a driver normally takes and recommend restaurants for a pre-game lunch.
"It will help free our customers from the tyranny of technology. It will make lives easier and help us to return to our humanity,” said Zack Hicks, the chief information officer of Toyota Motor North America who was appointed CEO of Toyota Connected.
Customized Services
The services offered can be tailored to individual customers. "We don't want to dump everything on everyone," said Sandy Lobenstein, executive vice president of Toyota Connected. "The whole is idea is getting to know our customers better."
Road information can be delivered to drivers based on driving patterns - knowing the routes they usually take. Auto insurance could be priced more accurately because the system could report on a driver's actual miles and routes traveled.
Medical-related sensors could also be built into the car, like heartbeat monitors or sensors on the steering wheel. Some of the services could be offered to customers wirelessly by being beamed directly into their cars, but Lobenstein said that customer privacy considerations will be paramount.
So get up people and say “happiness” and if you cannot then say “CARS” I think it’s the same.
If you want to buy a smart car, FastAutoLoanApproval.com can help you buy one quickly. Enjoy low rates and fast approval on auto loans. The bad credit auto financing company ensures stress-free loan process for everyone. Apply now. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Is it possible to sell an Old Car with a Lien in California?

California is famous for its car culture. Californians’ love for car is widely known. If you love cars, you will understand the reason of buying a new car every couple of years. A car lover is someone who loves to explore new car technologies and is not content with driving a single car.

California is considered the cultural and financial center of Northern California. If you live in the city, you get the advantage of witnessing several new car launches during the year. And, if you a true car lover, you will often face the dilemma of whether to sell your car and buy a new one.
Selling an Old Car with a Lien in California
Many California car buyers shy away from selling a car because it has lien. If you want to get rid of your old car and want to buy a new one, do not worry. Even though, selling a car with a lien in California is a lengthy process, it is possible.

How much you Owe to the Lender?

Before searching for a car buyer, you must find out the exact amount that you owe to your lender. It will help you in deciding the asking price. Obtain detailed information regarding the process of selling your financed car. Learn about prepayment penalties so that you do not have to face any financial complications in the future.

Finding a Car Buyer

In order to make a profitable sale, you need to choose a car buyer that is ready to pay your asking price. Remember that money is not the only factor for choosing a car buyer in California. You must consider other factors such as good credit score, insurance coverage, driver’s license, etc. All the factors will ensure that the car buyer gets easy auto loan approval and makes the purchase on time.

The Payment

You can ask the car buyer to accompany you to the lender’s office. He/she can provide a check to the lender and have the car transferred to his/her lender.

If you are selling the car at a price higher than the amount you owe to the lender, the car buyer will have to pay you the remaining amount after making payment to your lender. But, if the selling price is lower than what you owe, you will have to provide the difference to your lender.

The bottom line is that you can sell a car with a lien in California. But, it will require legwork. You should be prepared to undertake the process of discussing it with your lender as well as handle the document transfer.

If you want to buy a car quickly, you must start the auto loan process immediately. Apply for guaranteed bad credit auto financing to make car buying easier for you. Trust Fast Auto Loan Approval for low rate auto financing in California.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Should you obtain Auto Loan from your Family in Boston, Massachusetts?

Car is not an item of luxury or comfort. It is a means of necessity and essential for ensuring a safe commute. If you are buying a new car in Boston, Massachusetts, you will realize that the car’s cost forces you to obtain an auto loan. But, what if you cannot get approval for an auto loan?
If you cannot get auto loan approval from a local bank or a lender, you have one more option - your family. Many car buyers with terrible credit score or without any established credit history choose the option to buy a car quickly.
The benefits of obtaining an auto loan from a family member are:
• No need of credit check
• Reduced interest rates 
• No need of down payment
• No involvement of co-signer
Should you obtain Auto Loan from your Family in Boston, Massachusetts?
The benefits of taking help from your family member may attract you to avoid applying with a lender, but here’s why you should choose an auto lender for your next car.

The Documentation Process

Whenever you obtain a loan of any kind, it is important to finish the documentation process quickly. It protects your rights as well as ensures safety to the lender.
Auto lenders in Boston lend money to car buyers on a daily basis. They are well-versed with the documentation process. If you choose an online auto financing company to obtain an auto loan, it will finish your loan process in no time. But, if you ask for a loan from a family member, the documentation process can run into days making it difficult to buy a car at the best rates.

The Taxes

When you obtain an auto loan from a lender in Boston, MA, he/she will provide you with detailed information about taxes. But, if you ask your uncle or cousin for an auto loan, there will be the following tax complications:
• If you do not record the auto loan, it will be considered as a donation.
• If the family member doesn’t charge interest rate, IRS may consider it as a gift.
• If you do not repay the loan, it will be considered as your income and IRS may collect tax on it.

The Family Problems

If you are unable to make payments to the lender, it will affect your credit score. But, it will not affect your relationship with a family member. It is one of the biggest reasons to apply with a lender.

Sub-Prime Loans

In the past, getting an auto loan approval with credit issues was a big problem for car buyers of Boston City. In such times, getting an auto loan from a family member was a feasible option. But, today you can obtain easy approval without worrying about your credit history. There are many online auto financing companies, operating in Boston, who have no qualms of approving an auto loan for a sub-prime car buyers.
Buying a car is a big responsibility. And, if you obtain an auto loan from your family, it can put additional burden on you. So, it is wise to choose a lender and let him/her handle all the complications of the auto loan process.
There is no need to ask for an auto loan from your family if you have credit issues. FastAutoLoanApproval.com is here to help you obtain low rate auto loans in Boston city of Massachusetts. Apply now and get ready for buying the car of your choice.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tips for Selling your Old Car in Portland, Oregon

Are you looking to buy a car in Portland? Before buying a brand new car, you need to take care of your old vehicle. Be it a wagon, convertible or SUV, you cannot dispose your old vehicle at the side of a road. Why?

  • According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, it is illegal to store vehicle on public streets.
  • If you do not correct the violation, your car can be towed.
  • Also, you will be required to pay an impound fee.


Tips for Selling your Old Car in Portland, Oregon


It will be expensive to abandon a car. On the other hand, if you sell your car, you will be able to earn money from the sale. And, you can use the money to buy a new car. But, do not sell your car to the first buyer that you come across. Do not go to the nearest auto dealership to get rid of your car. Instead, you must follow a few tips to make your car desirable for car buyers. It will ensure that you get a fair price for your car.


Work with Time and not against it

Summer in Portland City of Oregon is hot and dry. If you sell your convertible during the summer months of June, July, August and September, you will be able to obtain higher selling price for the car.

Remember that a truck, van or a family friendly car has more demand in the Portland auto market. It means if you own one, you will be able to get a good price for it.


First Impression is the Most Lasting

If a car buyer comes to your place or you take the car to a dealer, you need to keep it clean. If your car is tidy, it will increase the chances of getting sold quickly. The following care should be taken before you put your car for sale:

  • Fix dashboard lights and speakers
  • Take care of rattling wiper blades
  • Test the tire pressure
  • Check the engine so that ‘check engine’ light is not illuminated
  • Reverse any modifications that you have done
  • Get professional oil change
  • Take care of scratches with paint
  • Vacuum the insides of the car as well as the trunk
  • Scrub the carpet and wash the floor mats
  • Replace the cabin air filter
  • Clean the car and wax it


More Information equals More Money

If you are able to satisfy all the queries of the car buyer, it will help you in making a quick sale. Also, it will help you in justifying the asking price. Here’s all the information you require before placing an ad for your car in Portland:

  • Car title and registration from Oregon DMV
  • Insurance
  • Mechanic’s inspection report
  • Mechanical records
  • Details about repairs done in the past
  • Information about major problems



A picture speaks a thousand words. So, it is important to take pictures of your car from every side to give car buyers a clear idea of the car. Also, do not forget to mention the following things in your advertisement:

  • Car make and model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Title status
  • Features of the car
  • Number of miles driven
  • Your asking price
  • Contact number and email ID


The Final Show

The only thing that is left now is the final event of meeting with the car buyers. Before you meet the car buyers, it is important that you decide on an asking price. Remember that the price should be slightly higher than your expectations. It will provide you with some room to negotiate with the car buyer.

You can decide on a park, a mall or a gas station. It will enable you to keep your address private. Most car buyers will want to test-drive the car. So, before you allow anyone to get behind the wheel, check his/her driving license.

Do not be in a hurry to get rid of your car. If you take time in choosing the right car buyer, you will be able to generate enough money from the car sale. It will help you in making down payment for your new car and ensure a reduced auto loan amount.

If you are in the process of selling your old car, you must start the process of obtaining an auto loan in Portland, OR for your new car. It will expedite the auto loan process. Apply with Fast Auto Loan Approval for instant auto financing and get ready for low interest.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Military Auto Loans: Enjoy Low Rates and Quick Loan Approval

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell

Military Auto Loans: Be acquainted before you apply
Military personnel work hard and sacrifice their life for the safety and freedom of the nation. They spend several days in training as well as several months on deployment. If you are part of the United States Armed Forces, you will want to ensure the comfort of your family before going away for months.

When you want to fulfill the needs of your family, do not forget buying a car. It will ensure a comfortable and safe commute for your family. If you want a car for your family, you need to obtain an auto loan to take care of the buying process.

Lenders at your Service!

Lenders provide special auto loans to military personnel. Do not worry if you are not serving on active duty. There are many lenders who offer incentives and benefits even when you are in Reserve or National Guard.

What are the Benefits of obtaining Military Auto Loans?

If you are in the military, you can enjoy the following benefits:
1. Low interest rate
2. Longer loan term
3. Higher Loan-to-Value ratio
4. Expedited loan approval process
5. Lenient approval criteria
6. Reduction in registration fees, taxes, etc.

Why do Lenders offer Multiple Benefits to Military Personnel?

If you are in the military, you have job security. It makes easier for you to make regular monthly payments. It is for the same reason that lenders offer you multiple benefits.

How to obtain Military Auto Loans?

Obtaining military auto loans is easier than you think!

Choose a reliable online auto financing company. It will help you in obtaining easy approval with just a click of mouse. The benefit of applying with an online company is that you will not have to provide any document at the time of submitting your loan application. Once the online company reviews your loan application and contacts you to discuss military auto loans, you must keep the following documents ready:
1. SSN
2. Military ID
3. Leave and Earnings Statement
4. Home of Record
5. Duty Station address
6. Current deployment details
7. Contact details of another person who can be contacted when you are away.

In order to buy a car before joining your duty, you must keep your documents ready. It will ensure the loan process is completed quickly. So, double check all the documents before you apply for military auto loans.

All the best!

Your job is to fight for the country. And, our job is to ensure that you get the best rate car financing. Fast Auto Loan Approval provides low income auto loans to military personnel and makes car buying quick. Apply now to buy a car.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Instant Auto Loan Approval: A Blessing for Bad Credit Car Buyers

Every bad credit car buyer knows the trouble of obtaining quick auto financing. In the past, you had to walk down to every lender and bank in your area and ask for loan approval. But, the story is different today.

Fast Auto Loan Approval is your Knight in Shining Armor

Fast Auto Loan Approval is America’s premier auto financing company. It believes that credit history is not the primary factor for approval. If you have a decent job and earn regular income, you can get instant auto loan approval at low interest rates.

The company will help you obtain no obligation quotes and enable you to obtain an auto loan without down payment. It is no joke! Fast Auto Loan Approval provides zero down payment facility to bad credit car buyers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our loan representative by applying on the secure website now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Longer Auto Loan Term: Is it a Boon for Bad Credit Car Buyers?

Auto loans are tricky. A single error can ruin your financial stability and earn you high interest rates in future. So, it is important that you understand every aspect of the loan process and make a wise decision.

When it comes to analyzing the multiple aspects of an auto loan, loan term takes a backseat. If you are in the loan market and confused over choosing the perfect auto loan program, do not commit the mistake of ignoring the loan term.

What are the Different Auto Loan Terms offered by Lenders?

A couple of years ago, the recommended term offered by lenders was 5 years or 60 months. However, the time has changed. Today, you can easily obtain 8 years or 96 months loan. Also, there have been instances where you can keep making payments on an auto loan for 9 years or 108 months.

Is a Longer Auto Loan Term considered as a Boon for Bad Credit Car Buyers?

If you are a bad credit car buyer, you will obtain higher interest rates than a good credit car buyer. Lenders understand that higher interest rates will make monthly payments difficult for you. So, they provide longer loan terms to make monthly payments bearable. Does it mean a longer loan term is a boon? It’s time to understand the financial effect of it.

The Interest Amount

If you have bad credit history, lenders will provide you with high interest rates. And, higher interest rates over a long period of time means higher amount of interest.

The Upside Down Situation

If you obtain a short-term auto loan, you will be in an upside down situation for the first couple of years. But, if you opt for a longer loan term, you will owe more than the car’s worth for several years. It is because you will make smaller payments every month.

The Selling/Trade-In Problem

If you are in an upside down situation, your car has no equity. It is difficult to sell such a car and buy a new one. Also, it is a challenging task to trade-in the car for another vehicle.

The High Maintenance Cost

If you opt for it, you will face difficulty in selling the car. And, if you keep using the car for several years, you will have to take care of increased maintenance cost such as higher repair cost and greater fuel expenses.

When is a Longer Auto Loan Term recommended to Bad Credit Car Buyers?

It makes financial sense in the following situations :

1. If you have received very low interest rates on the loan

2. If you can opt for substantial down payment and reduce the chances of an upside down situation

3. If you use your car for a very long time

There is nothing wrong in opting for a longer auto loan term. But, it is important to ascertain your situation before making a decision. Remember to look before you leap.

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